Equipped for a wide range of emergencies, DAN's First-Aid Backpack with Oxygen Unit houses an assortment of first-aid supplies and features a compact M9 that delivers 14-20 minutes of oxygen.  This portable unit has reflective strips, D-rings on the shoulder straps and a waterproof cover.

This kit comes fully stocked with a DAN Oxygen Unit capable of supplying a diver with oxygen for approximately 20 minutes and a first aid kit designed to deal with bleeding, CPR, burns, fractures and sprains.


First-Aid Backpack with O2 (601-6013)

SKU: 0002
R9 780,00Price
  • Includes

    • 1-Tourniquet

    • 1-Pair of Nitrile gloves

    • 1-M9 white cylinder (255 liters /9.0 cu. ft.)

    • 1-Brass multi function regulator

    • 1-Demand valve with hose

    • 2-Non-Rebreather mask

    • 1- Oronasal resuscitation mask

    • 1-First aid slate set

    • 1-Backpack First Aid kit

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