The Rescue Pak Extended Care Plus features an oxygen unit and a first aid kit supplying a rescuer with everything they need to safely administer emergency oxygen, perform CPR, and provide first aid for wounds, burns, sprains or fractures and even motion sickness.  Its wheeled, waterproof case enables this kit to be quickly deployed in any situation.

Approximately 53 minute of delivery time @ 12 liters per minute (lpm)

Dimensions: 59.06 cm x 52.71 cm x 22.86 cm

Weight: 12.02 Kg

Extended Care Plus w/First-Aid (601-6203)

SKU: 0004
R12 340,00Price
  • Includes

    • 1-Pair of Nitrile gloves

    • 1-Jumbo D cylinder (623 liters /22 cu. ft.)

    • 1-Brass Multi-function Regulator

    • 1-Demand Valve with hose

    • 2-Non-Rebreather mask

    • 1- Oronasal Resuscitation mask

    • 1-Slate set (7 pieces)

    • 1-Orange CAT Tourniquet

    • 1-First Aid Kit

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